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- stands for a marketing idea which means that Techman gathers the best tools all over the world together.
GLOBAL SELECT- these are tools chosen from the producers which have the most experience on the tools sector.
GLOBAL SELECT- these are quality goods for a good price
GLOBAL SELECT-at Techman you get tools up to 30% cheaper compared to well known brands.

Pneumatic tools and accessories for industrial, chemical, workshop, mining, construction, furniture-industry and so on......

Hand-tools, pneumatic and safety-tools for workshops and smaller production lines.

The pneumatic-tools and hand-tools are directly imported from the production company who also produce there tools for other well known companies under there brand names. (OEM=Original Equipment Manufacturer).

We are interested in cooperation with companies who are sharing our opinion and want to sell high quality products.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Take your time and search our assortment at our HOMEPAGE.
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